la Vecchia Signorina Gorza
(...) Amongst a couple of giant jellyfish (at the time there weren't so many documentaries about the tropical abysses and their inhabitants), sci-fi shells and some poor fish, there were a lot of holothuroideas..they looked just as I expected: fatty,shiny and gibbous,hairy with bristles and bald with ugliness.
Someone had left them under the sunshine, amongst the slowly melting jellyfish and the gasping little fish...when suddenly,a miracle occurred -amazing with beauty.
The sea turds exploded into a vermillion garland , shiny and wriggling like fireworks, jagged like the queen of mermaid's necklace. In short,those creatures evacuated their own bowels out of their anuses...and those bowels were so beautiful that they looked like they came from another planet.
Now,that's the way I've felt since then: a sea cucumber who has sublime bowels , and keeps them inside.that's the reason why I embroider holothuroideas on tummy-control knickers.